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An atmosphere of power, Joy infused gathering of believers, family friendly atmosphere, encounters and experience with God

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Welcome to The Evidence Nation

It’s a great privilege and honour to welcome you to The Evidence Nation. We are the gathering of people great and strong, ready to do good works.

Get ready to know more and why God has planted your feet here. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our services.

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Wealth Creation Series & Celebration Service

Mon - Fri.

6.00am - 6.30am

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Covenant Renewal Service

Listen to God’s word on the go

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Living in the faith rest life! Glory

Be a part of God's work

This ministry is funded with freely given resources by members and willing individuals for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Join us in partnership as we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world.

One Big Family of God’s People

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